Malta & Gozo Milestones

What makes Malta the most attractive place to do business?

Malta’s financial services centre offers financial institutions and individuals a combination of the essential ingredients for success: convenient location, rapid access to market, effective regulation, rock-solid legislation, accessible authorities and a pool of highly competent, experienced professionals. Many internationally recognised financial institutions have already experienced the merits of operating out of Malta and their continued growth and success stands as testament to Malta’s strengths and potential

A pro-business Government

  • In 2017, a surplus of €9,000,000 was registered in the consolidated fund (after 35 years);
  • International Monetary Fund concluded that Malta is one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe;
  • Unemployment rate at 4.6% only. It is one of the lowest rates within the E.U;
  • Business Insider ranks Malta 6th in the world– in the best quality of life in the World for Expatriates (Leisure Options, Personal Happiness, Travel and Transport, Health and Well-being & Safety and Security);
  • Trip Advisor’s 2017 Traveler’s Choice Awards Rank Malta in Top 25 Destinations beating Rome, London and others; More than 2,000,000+ Tourists visited Malta & Gozo in 2016, hence the attractiveness of the islands;
  • More than seventy double taxation treaties;
  • Malta ranking 2nd out of the 67 countries Expats Destination – InterNations;
  • Valletta Cruise Port named top-rated Mediterranean Cruise Destination;
  • Malta’s GDP growth will be the highest in the European Union in 2018;

Investment in Malta – Success Stories

  • More than 250 foreign companies have already invested in Malta and are
    operating in the country;
  • Lufthansa, HSBC, Microsoft, Banif, Baxter, Combino Pharm, ST Microelectronics
    and Playmobil, among others, operate successfully in Malta;
  • 2016: Huawei Research & Development (5 Million Euro), Barts Medical School (200 Million Euro Investment) – US Crane Currency Investment (100 Million Investment)
  • There are 76 double taxation treaties between Malta and third countries;
  • Malta has the largest ship register in the European Union;
  • The Construction industry is booming – great return on investment;
  • Malta is an i-Gaming Hub with very robust legislation;
  • Malta is fast becoming a leading global financial services industry;
  • The new aviation park will establish Malta as a leader in the aircraft
    maintenance industry;
  • Hollywood (Troy, The Davinci Code, Alexander, By the Sea, World War Z, Clash of the Titans) : Great government incentives for the Filming Industry

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