Many countries across the globe offer residency and citizenship by investment programmes (RCBIs). As the name suggests, prospective investors can apply to invest in a second residency or a citizenship outside their country of origin. RCBIs are very important because they provide tangible options to beneficiaries. People of different cultural backgrounds have different aspirations and motives for investing in a second residency or citizenship. immVest International experience and knowledge in this business is vast and our advisors are prepared to offer the best possible advice to individuals, families and HNWIs vis-a-vis the right and most appropiate Programme to choose.

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Citizenship Programs

Residency Programs

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Given immVest International experience and reputation in the immigration by investment business, we are able of drafting residency and citizenship by investment programmes including the provision of operational as well as administrative requirements.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We do take great care that a Know Your Customer (KYC) or a Background Verification Report (BVR) of on-boarding clients prior to acquiring a second residency or citizenship is peformed. immVest International has partnered with a capable Company providing Due Diligence services. immVest has the knowledge not only to interpret the client’s findings but also to request that specific checks are performed including source of wealth, funds, etc.