At immVest International we give our partners the opportunity to quickly and actively add Residence and Citizenship by Investment programs to their portfolio of services.

We assist in the drafting of the necessary marketing material, provision of Programmes documentation, compilation of forms and legal advice as the need arises. Furthermore we make it a point that appointed partners are rewarded fairly for their contributions. We are always willing and ready to find a win-win solution for the benefit of all parties.

Our Programs are largely focused around Europe and the Caribbean and we offer a fully incorporated service from inception through to completion. We therefore are able to quickly and easily step in as effective partners for the promotion and sale of Residence and Citizenship by Investment to reputable Organisations that exhibit interest.

There is of course an on-boarding process that will entail a Due Diligence process from the side of immVest International Limited to approve the collaboration request.

Should you be interested in partnering with us, you can contact our Partnership team directly on [email protected]

Benefits for B2Bs partnering with us:

  • immVest International is centrally located in Europe
  • Exclusive offices to host B2B guests
  • Extensive knowledge on all European Programs
  • Qualitative submission of applications
  • Competitive professional fees to all our B2B partners
  • Monitoring of clients’ applications for RCBI
  • Excellent customer-care & highly experienced staff
  • Provision of immigration advice and training
  • Opportunities to conduct special guest conferences with partners