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Taking advantage of the Portugal Golden Visa. 

Portugal’s Council of Ministers have recently passed legislative amendments to the Golden Visa program which will come into effect on the 1st of January 2022. In light of these new amendments, regional restrictions have been added to the purchase of real estate. 

In view of the above, investors are only allowed to purchase properties located in the regions of the Azores, Madeira or inland regions of the country (Full list annexed in Decree No.208/2017 of 13 July).  The aim of this amendment is to redirect investors and Golden Visa applicants from buying properties in high-density areas like Porto and Lisbon.

We encourage applicants wishing to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa  to apply under the program and invest in real-estate located in Lisbon, Porto and the coastal cities before the deadline to such amendments. Do not miss out on this unique one time opportunity.