Residency and Citizenship by investment is a very sensitive business as it carries significant responsibility on the part of the seller and the investor respectively. Recommending a second residency or a citizenship by investment to a prospective investor entails high levels of expertise, personal integrity and most importantly accountability. For us in this business, this signifies that we must maintain ourselves constantly updated with all the programs available on the market, the relevant eligibility criteria, the short and long-term benefits for the investor and other equally important legal and tax matters. The more information acquired about the countries offering residency or citizenship by investment the better equipped we are to provide informed advice.

At immVest International, we make it a point that our immigration experts are always able to guide prospective investors to choose the most suitable Program for them and their families. We also ensure continued follow-up as the well-being of our clients comes first. If it is the purchase of real-estate or forming a Company or seeking business advice or deciding which school to the send the children, we are there to assist. Unlike other businesses, this one is particular as over time it becomes personal. We become a key point of reference, for the investor and family members alike. immVest International is not after a quick buck but rather to a long honest, friendly and business relationship. Furthermore I make it a point to hire capable charismatic advisors who are able to go that extra mile with the client. One needs to call a spade a spade. Different clients have different expectations, needs and demands.

Given my background and experience in this business and my previous roles in human resources management, I know for a fact that the cultures (beliefs, values, religions, etc.) in force of certain countries may make it next to impossible for certain people of a different cultural background to integrate in a new country. The last thing I want is for my clients to experience a culture shock. It is nobody’s fault that people have to adapt to different local conditions all over the world. Notwithstanding we do have this discussion with our clients and B2B agents. The client’s or B2B agents decision is always final.

On boarding of clients after a successful due diligence or KYC (know your customer) exercise is another interesting and mandatory process. The ideal situation would be to accept all applicants no matter what their backgrounds but this is not the case. Similar to other institutions such as Banks, Financial Companies and others, for us in this business a background verification check covering the main applicant and other adult dependents is the order of the day. At immVest International we only accept applicants that have successfully passed the due diligence checks. These include passport checks, on-line checks on public networks, blacklisting checks, money laundering checks and other ones. It is only after confirming the outcome of the due diligence check that a decision is taken by the Company to accept or not a prospective applicant. Risking to on-board someone with a shady, criminal background is not an option. The most difficult part is when communicating to an investor or a B2B Company that the application of their client could not proceed any further at least not by the Company under my remit. No ifs or buts, such decisions are taken without a single doubt or hesitation. The responsibility falls on the person approving or disapproving the onboarding of the client. There could be serious national implications, reputational and branding damage if God forbid the wrong people are approved and subsequently provided a permanent residency card or citizenship to stay or settle indefinitely in any European member state.

In line with the precedent paragraph, it is a known fact that not all countries adapt the same levels of due diligence when reviewing applications. The European Union has on various occasions send strong messages to the different member states about ensuring stringent due diligence and anti-money laundering processes for the potential attainment of permanent residencies or Citizenships that provide access to other European countries. I fully concur with this! This should be the case, always. During my previous tenure as CEO of a particular residency by investment program, I have personally encountered situations whereby after rejecting an application on the basis of a very negative background verification report, same applicant applied elsewhere and subsequently approved by another jurisdiction. This should not never happen. Ultimately it is in our common interest to attract investors that are of good faith.

At immVest we offer a variety of services related to residency and citizenship by investment the majority of which are published on the Company’s web site ( We work hand in hand with international family offices and other immigration companies on a B2B basis.

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Roderick Cutajar
CEO immVest International Limited
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